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About Us

VIGG was created from the idea of diversity. A lifestyle brand that embraces both sport and fashion through creative design. This hybrid has become the solid foundation of everything that VIGG crafts. The brand draws its roots from Scandinavia, a region that has become the symbol of minimalism and style which has spread across the globe. But even though VIGG still hold onto its roots of minimalistic design, the brand remains international by taking inspiration from everywhere around the world.


The iconic way of emphasizing the feminine form with pure shapes has become a characteristic trait in the design of VIGG clothing. VIGG is the ground-breaking innovator of sport fashion, welcoming you to the new era of drive, mobility and passion. By uniting highly technical fabrics with fashionable shapes and forms VIGG lets you tailor your own experience of each piece of clothing, which gives you the freedom to look and feel stunning in every possible situation.